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Alitu: Learn is free for all Alitu users, learn how to start and grow your podcast from planning to publishing.

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Planning • Equipment • Show Format • Recording • Editing • Publishing • Directories

Courses for Alitu users

Alitu user exclusive

Learn the best way for you to use Alitu watching full demonstrations of Alitu in three different scenarios.

Alitu user exclusive

This course will provide an introduction to Alitu and give you shortcuts to creating your first episode.

Alitu user exclusive

What equipment do you really need? What’s essential, how much should you spend? Get unbiased answers.

Alitu user exclusive

Cut overwhelm and learn to manage your podcast like a project, using free software.

Alitu user exclusive

Tips and bits from the industry’s top influencers from planning, recording and growing your podcast.

Why learn with Alitu?

Perfect workflow

Get a workflow designed for podcasters who don’t want to get caught up in the technical stuff. Get to creating great content that’s fun to make and great to listen to.

Expert advice

Learn from the founder of Alitu & The Podcast Host, Colin Gray. Avoid headaches and pitfalls, skip the trial and error. Simple advice you can follow to create something great from day 1.

Clear tasks and objectives

All our courses are structured to help you make progress, by completing specific tasks. If you’re just starting out, this is the best way to make great progress fast.

Frequently asked questions

All the resources in Alitu: Learn are available free of charge to all Alitu subscribers. Your account will be created when you sign up for Alitu.

If you don’t use Alitu yet, we’ve got you covered. Our 7 Day Podcasting Bootcamp is free for all, to help you get your podcast off the ground in a week or less.

Simply log into your Alitu account at https://app.alitu.com/login and click on Alitu: Learn in the bottom navigation bar.

Alitu: Learn includes full courses on podcasting workflow, launching your podcast, and equipment. You’ll also find exclusive expert sessions on all the topics you need to start and grow your podcast including setting up your recording environment, mastering editing, and using social media to grow your audience. And these resources are growing each month.

At this time these courses are reserved for our Alitu subscribers, except for the 7 Day Podcasting Bootcamp. You can start your free trial at https://app.alitu.com/signup.

We certainly hope you’ll get so much value from Alitu that you will never want to leave. These tools are high-value tools that are exclusively for our subscribers. If you should ever cancel your Alitu subscription, you’ll lose access to the resources in Alitu: Learn. Before you leave, we’d love a chance to find out what we can improve. Just reach out to us in chat at help.alitu.com.

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